Airside Vehicle Operations Permit (AVOP)

Airside Vehicle Operations Permit (AVOP)

To obtain an Airside Vehicle Operations Permit (AVOP), you must first submit the AVOP Application below to the Pass Office. Your employer will also need to sign the forms and ensure that they are properly completed.

Once submitted, a representative from WAA Operations Department will review and approve the application.

Once approved, your employer will provide you with a link, user name and password to access the online AVOP training material. The online training must be completed prior to taking the exam. The Airport Traffic Directives for the Operation of Vehicles Airside is also in the package below.

Many companies have their own AVOP Trainers to assist employees with the AVOP training. Check with your employer to see if they have an AVOP Trainer.

The testing procedures for obtaining a D or D/A AVOP consists of a multiple choice question exam and a driven exam. Written exams must be scheduled in advance at the Pass Office and the driven portion will not be scheduled until the written exam is passed. All AVOP driven exams are weather pending and may be cancelled at the discretion of the examiner.

AVOP Application Package

AVOP Trainer Package