Company Signing Authority Information

Company Signing Authority Information

Companies working at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport are required to establish signing authority with the airport Pass Office.

This allows the company to apply for a Transportation Security Clearance (TSC) and a RAIC (Restricted Area Identity Card) for their employees. In addition, it allows the company to obtain various WAA assets i.e. keys.

Company Signing Authority Package

When an employee no longer requires a RAIC, Visitor Pass, or other passes the company signing authority must immediately notify the Pass Office by email or phone and return any passes or other assets to the Pass Office to prevent any administrative fees.

If it is determined as a result of an audit that an individual no longer requires a RAIC, Visitor Pass, or other passes, because employment was terminated or any other circumstances and the Pass Office was not notified, this will be considered a Failure to Return. Therefore, the employee and company/organization will each be charged an administrative fee according to the Fee Schedule.

Group Appointments RAIC Enrollment

To enhance customer service and improve processes, companies who hire a group of new employees requiring Restricted Area Identity Cards (RAIC) or temporary passes can contact the Pass Office, either by e-mail at or by phone at 204.987.9410, to make the necessary arrangements.