WASCO lands first international contract on well-known island

April 21, 2021

Categories: WASCO

L.F. Wade International Airport in Bermuda

Branching into new business in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, a wholly owned subsidiary of Winnipeg Airports Authority enters into its first consulting contract outside of Canada.

Winnipeg Airport Services Corp. (WASCO) is in the market of helping other airports benefit long-term by providing an array of aviation services and solutions. After building a positive reputation within the Canadian aviation industry over the past seven years, including establishing a presence on each coast of the country, an exciting opportunity arose in 2021 to partner with Bermuda Skyport Corporation Limited.

“This contract with Skyport centres on serving Bermuda’s airport, L.F. Wade International Airport, and involves meeting slightly different regulatory requirements,” said Michael O’Gorman, Managing Director of WASCO. “For the first time, our team is partnering with an airport operator beyond Canada’s borders, enabling us to become experts in more international aviation standards and opening the door for exciting opportunities in the future.”

Skyport initially sought out the subsidiary to submit a proposal for the contract, further supporting WASCO’s growing reputation as a leader in airport safety compliance. The agreement will see WASCO provide a review of the airport’s safety program, as well as develop and implement targeted staff training. The distance between Winnipeg and Bermuda didn’t pose any issue either as WASCO is accustomed to delivering services online and remotely to serve its 32 airport partners across Canada.

As an island situated about 650 miles off the coast of North Carolina in the U.S., Bermuda is a revered tourism destination that depends heavily on air transportation. Upon signing a contract with WASCO, Skyport can expect a partner-based approach. Instead of delivering a service or program and moving on, WASCO collaborates with its partners to build lasting relationships and add long-term value. This strategy benefits the client and also helps WASCO continue to grow its network based on positive interactions.

“Our shared approach in working closely with our partners to effectively address their needs to achieve long-term success led us to this opportunity to expand geographically,” said O’Gorman. “We’re proud to be able to serve a new community in a different region of the world and hope to see it continue moving forward, especially as more airports look for cost-effective solutions as they come out of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

WAA is also feeling the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the diverse services WASCO provides is greatly contributing to the company’s bottom line. With revenues down due to reduced passenger volumes amid travel restrictions, the company is leaning on its other developed assets more than usual to prioritize sustainability. WASCO continues to rise to challenge by renewing or extending contracts and also by adding new developments into the fold, such as this milestone to consult internationally. 

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