Parking Rates

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*Please note that daily & weekly rates are based on a 24 hour day from the time you enter the parking lot. 

Short Term Parking

Available on P3 of the Terminal Parkade, our convenient Short Term Parking stalls are located close to the elevators and terminal walkway. These stalls are perfect for quick pick ups and drop offs. 

Parking Features

Winnipeg Richardson International Airport offers a number of parking options to make your trip or passenger pickup easy and hassle-free. From our Valet & Away service and hourly parking rates to a comfortable parkade and longer-term parking facilities, there are a variety of options to fit your parking needs and budget. 


24/7 CCTV coverage and regular security patrols mean you're in good hands.

Trouble Services

Battery boost packs are available at the Information Booth, our Parking Cashier, and our Valet & Away desk.

Family Comfort

We have designated Family Parking conveniently placed throughout our lot and parkade that makes this part of your trip even easier. 

Park with Power

Complimentary block heater plugs at our stations help ensure your engine is protected from the elements.

24/7 Friendly Face

We always have a cashier on hand to help you through any issue.

Baggage Carts Bring Convenience

We offer complimentary baggage carts in every lot to help you get a rolling start.

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For more information on parking options and to view frequently asked questions, please follow this link to our Parking FAQs.

For information on corporate or frequent parking options, please contact